New Moon in Taurus

The Moon is New in Taurus as I begin this web log, which seems particularly auspicious timing. We can say that the Moon is Cazimi, in her exaltation and fast in motion. Both she and the Sun are under the governance of Venus in her dignity. She is chart almuten. Both she and the Moon are in Hayz and angular. However, she is under the sun beams which diminishes her power.

Mercury is dignified in Gemini, in his own hour. He is separating from a square to Saturn and forms a sextile with Mars in his fall. Sun, Moon, then Venus are in an applying trine formation with Jupiter,  also in his fall.  However, opposed as they are, Jupiter and Mars receive each other by mutual exaltation. This is a minor reception and not necessarily a particularly helpful one. Nevertheless, it looks like a fair beginning, all things considered.

First I will see if this actually posts! <G> Then perhaps we can look at the regional weather forecast. Welcome to the Classical Astrologer Weblog!