Venus & the Cube in Arabian Cosmology


Venus – from Wonders of Creation

When we read the works of astrologers from other times and cultures we tend to feel we have a lot in common with them. For example, it is natural to assume that Venus has the same qualities and associations in our lineage. Some accommodations are made, but we don’t expect radical departures. The fact is that Venus is mutifaceted, one might even say protean, in Arabian cosmology. Venus is also closely related to the Moon, in ways we may not expect.

It is well known by Traditional Astrologers, particularly those working in Mundane astrology, that Islam is under the governance of Venus. This is an ancient association which has been transmitted to us by both Muslim and non Muslim scholars.

What is not be so commonly known is that the importance of Venus preceded the inception of Islam by thousands of years in the Middle East. Ptolemy divided the four directions by triplicity.

The one that would cover the Middle East and Central Asia, including what is now Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan is made up of “Taurus, Virgo and Capricornus in southeastern, and again is governed primarily by Venus on account of the south wind, but conjointly by Saturn because of the east wind. ” (Tetrabiblos II 3)

The addition of Saturn is an important element here. So is the fact the exaltation of the Moon is Taurus and Venus the dispositor of Taurus

The tradition of worshiping Venus was widespread in ancient Arabia, where 360 gods and goddesses were adored. The Kaa’ba contained 360 idols which were eventaually destroyed by Muhammad. Venus’s special day of the

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids

week is Friday and the form of this goddess is a cube, which is the sacred form for Arabs . This doesn’t correspond with the Platonic Solids, as understood by Kepler, but the source appears to be Ancient Middle Eastern and long preceding Plato or Pythagoras.

“Plato argued that each of the elements could be thought of as being composed of the first four solids – the tetrahedron was fire, the cube was earth, the octahedron was air, and the dodecahedron was water. The final solid, the icosahedron, was applied to the “heavenly sphere” upon which rested all of the stars and planets.” (Isaac M. McPhee. Platonic Solids) In other words, the solids primarily relate to elements rather than planets

Historical evidences show that in the late third millennium BC, worshiping mother goddesses was common in Iran, India, Central Asia, Mesopotamia, Syria, North Africa, and Europe

One of the first things that caught my eye on seeing footage of the Haj many years ago, was the participants circumambulating the Kaaba in an anti clockwise direction. This is highly unusual and in most traditions considered very harmful.

Counter Clockwise Circumambulation of the Kaaba

Counter Clockwise Circumambulation of the Kaaba

The act of moving counter-clockwise is said to provoke or upset the natural course of the world – it went against the natural order  From this comes havoc, destruction, and in general negative and unfortunate this to happen. Although we find this knowledge in the oldest Pagan sources, clockwise movement came as a natural element to Christianity, perhaps because of its association with Solar Cults, including Zoroastrianism.


In The Great Triad , Rene Guénon demonstrates two points of possible orientations. (i.e. Polar in Fig 13 and Solar in figure 14)  “the first direction is one of the stars turning about the Pole when one looks North” the second is oriented to the Sun when looking South (50,51) The second is by far the most common.

All other visible planets in our Solar System rotate in a counter clockwise motion.  Certainly it would be impossible to view the direction of the orbit of Venus even with telescopes because of the planet’s extremely dense atmosphere.

Her rotation is virtually stationary, with the her day being longer than her year. She takes 243 days to turn once on her axis and almost 225 days to travel once around the Sun in orbit


Mohammed_Splits_the_Moon Anonymous 16th-century watercolor from a Falnama, a Persian book of prophecy. Muhammad is the veiled figure on the right.

There is no specific Qu’ranic reference to the best of my knowledge which would require this counter clockwise movement. However, Muhammad advised on many issues, ranging from how to cut one’s beard to making adoption unlawful. In virtually every case, he is concerned about  doing everything in the opposite way to “the Pagans.”

It’s has also been suggested that moving in anticlockwise direction goes against time and revives the Sunnah of the prophet Ibrahim and of course, Muhammad.

The Kaaba’s keystone is a meteorite set in what looks like female genitalia. The meteorite is essentially round, so there is no structural reason for this choice of setting.  This harks back to pre-Islamic times as does Ramadan and much else. The participants at the Haj are ideally to kiss the meteorite and if that isn’t possible, they are to point at it each time they circumambulate the Kaaba.

The Kaaba was home to 360 idols. Different families would worship different idols. For Muhammad’s family it was Allah. His father was named Abdulalla which means Slave of Allah. Of course it’s no coincidence that the number of idols is the number of degrees in the zodiac

This meant that Mecca’s income came largely from pilgrims visiting and worshiping the idols while spending money on the process .  This was an early source of conflict between Muhammad and the Meccans.

The site of the Kaaba itself is celestially aligned. : ” the structure holding the black stone is offset from the Cardinal Directions so that one wall is to the line connecting the Winter Solstice sunset to the Summer Solstice sunrise. The other side of the building faces towards the horizon and the rising of Canopus ”  (Penprase. Power of Stars. p.209)  This sets the direction of prayer for Muslims worldwide.17157blackstonedivein

“The southwest orientation, dissimilar to other recorded temples in southwest Arabia, conforms to the Babylonian ancestral practice of an axis diagonal to the cardinal points. The raised platform style of the building seems derived, probably indirectly, from Babylon” (Natan 33)

The goddess Nahid, for example, is “alternately the wife, the sister or the mother of god. However, when she is the wife and mother of god, her symbol is the moon, and when she represents the goddess of love and music, the planet Venus.” (Mohammad Sadeq Nazmi Afshar. Nahid, Mother of Gods 2013) In effect, the Arabs took the Moon god Sin, a male god of war. Over time, Venus replaced the Moon, while absorbing his qualities.

An Armenian myth says: “the devil knew that if the god had intercourse with his mother, the sun would be born, and if with his sister, the moon would be born.” (ibid)

Muhammad is said to have literally split the Moon as a sign that he was a true prophet. I now wonder if the message isn’t also that the Moon god is giving way to another. Today, the vast majority of Muslim nations use the Crescent, with or without Venus. But this association only came with the Ottoman Turks

However, Islam subscribes to a Lunar Calendar. The Lunar cycle is 28 days and so very naturally associated with the menstrual cycle.

The goddess in her various names and guises is ubiquitous. Venus and Inanna are both what are known as dying and resurrecting deities: this death and rebirth myth is a product of simple observational astronomy.  This is true in all cultures of observation and they are remarkably similar in their interpretations. Vedic astrologers Hart De Fouw and Robert E. Svoboda write of Venus:

“Sukr, [Venus] which has a 584-day cycle of visibility, appears as both the Morning Star and the Evening Star. In between these periods of visibility, each of which lasts about 263 days, come 2 periods of invisibility, during which Sukr is conjunct with Surya. When Sukr, as the Evening Star, moves toward its solar conjunction, it ‘sets’ in the sky — it appears lower and lower each night until that fateful night when it fails to appear at all, swallowed up by Surya, who may be identified here with Lord Shiva. Both Surya and Shiva represent the Universal Soul.”( Light on Life: An Introduction to the Astrology of India p.6)

Details may differ, but the core myth is always there. The amount of interaction between India, Persia and the Arabs may not have been massive, but is very well documented

In his twenty year study, Dr. Rafat Amari writes : “we know that the term “Allah,” as the god of the moon, was derived from the Thamud god of the moon. His name was Hilal, or Hlal, which means “crescent.” Later, the name “Hilal” became Hilah, as we see in many inscriptions which were found in Arabia. In the Thamud inscriptions he is found as H-ilah, Ha-ilah and H-alah. We see the same development for “Hilah,” the moon deity in Yemen, where Almaqah is called “Halal,’ or “Hilal, the Crescent.

Safaitic tribes were nomads wandering in many parts of Arabia, especially in the north. The god of the moon was found in their inscriptions as “H-lah.” in the Safaitic inscriptions, the letter “H” pronounced as “Ha” is the definite article, “the.” It corresponds to the Arabic, “Al.”16 This led the Arabians to call him “Al-lah.” The big Star Athtar – Venus – Replaces the Moon for the Title of “Allah”” (The ‘Trinity’ in Islam p. 8)



This is intriguing, but I’m not convinced it’s perfectly true on all counts. Neither can I be absolutely certain of his intent. Apologists abound, as is the case with much of the studies on this subject. However, his contention that the Sabians did have a Moon god and that Islam practices the same style and number of daily prayers,  prostration, fasting for 30 days in observance of the Moon (Ramadan) and wear long white robes is well documented. Sabians are mentioned by name in the Qu’ran as a group that was on a righteous path and should have no fears. ( see Sūrat l-Baqarah 2:62 – 7 Quran. Trans M.A.S. Abdel Haleem – Oxford)

Sabians  were known “as “Star Worshippers.”  Both Jewish and Islamic sources claim that Abraham was himself a star worshiper, and there is a mutual story told that after contemplating the setting of Sun and the Moon, he came to the conclusion that there must be one God.” ( Kemal Menemencioglu @ )

Black Rock form Paphos - Temple of_Aphrodite

Black Rock form Paphos – Temple of_Aphrodite

The ancient  Sumerian Moon God, Sin was male and this association was carried over to the pre Islamic cultures in the Middle East .Arabs, particularly insofar as he was a god of war. One of the names of Venus is Lucifer, which we usually consider as masculine.

You will notice that Arab and Muslim representations of Venus do not always have feminine characteristics. The attributes are primarily love, music and finery. But the procreative and fertility attributes of say Ishtar or Aphrodite are still given to Venus.  If she is the replacement for Sin, presumably she would also have war as an attribute

Although Ptolemy was looking at the Middle East and Central Asia when assigning Venus as the significator, the eventual Arab influence on the entire region  is staggering. At the most basic level, Arabic is considered the only fully legitimate language of the Qu’ran, in spite of the fact that it pre-dates Classical Arabic and was more likely written down in Syrio Aramaic.

Ptolemy couldn’t possibly have anticipated just how accurate his association would become. Some will consider this a dilemma, but it doesn’t need to be. I think this knowledge is crucial, particularly in Mundane astrology. It is most helpful though to consider the meaningful differences between the Western Classical and Arabian Venus, not least because of the association with the Moon.

Muhammad with Meterorite

Muhammad (?) with Meterorite

Essence & Light in Astrological Tradition

Mural of Mount Meru and the Four Continents

Mural of Mount Meru and the Four Continents

I have absolutely no interest in initiating yet another debate about Intelligent Design vs Science, largely because I would have nothing in common with the majority of its proponents. This actually reaches back to an ancient discussion in many ways. It was debated by various classical philosophers and amounts to the question of whether intelligible things  are more true than their essence or source. The locus classicus of the argument for the primacy of essence is Plato, but is virtually universal from the earliest known cultures.

Plato would use the term Form. A Navajo Shaman might call it Spirit or Great Spirit. The most salient point here is an unshakable belief in the “spirit world” and it’s relationship to physical reality. Among the most powerful conveyors of these truths is art, from the most eloquent cave paintings to Tibetan Sand Mandalas. These works can stretch our language into other dimensions.

The term “intelligent design” found its way to my door when a neighbour, curious to know about astrology,  brought back what he borrowed with the simple write off  “it’s just intelligent design for planets.’ It wasn’t meant in a positive sense. The term has become a byword for the nonsense spouted by ignorant theists with no scientific understanding who want to make the study of evolution illegal. Yet both words are entirely apt with regard to astrology, maintaining the most positive connotations.

Cave Paintings at Lascaux

Cave Paintings at Lascaux

Science is defined as “a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.” That could have come from Pythagoras or Plato, showing how ignorant the critics of design really are. The currency of this idea of some form of intelligent design is earlier than the earliest Vedas and understood by oral cultures , such as the early Celts or Siberian Shamans who left their expression and understanding of divine cosmos in structures and other artifacts that  affirm a sophisticated level of understanding.

I admire Richard Dawkins. He’s a brilliant scientist and I think he does almost everyone a favour by asking difficult questions of the Abrahamic religions in particular. Challenging unexamined articles of faith, particularly when they lead to human oppression or environmental irresponsibility, is healthy. I was therefore shocked and disappointed when he clipped the daily horoscope from The Manchester Guardian and asked a total of twenty people in an awkward situation if the horoscope for Capricorn sounded right to them all, even though they were of various Sun Signs.
Even though he got ‘could be’ or might be’ answers. in his mind, this was enough to discredit a science which has been practised continually for 5,ooo years. Everyone with a nodding acquaintance with real astrology knows that newspaper horoscopes have a similar status to fortune cookies: deliberately vague and generalized. If this is the quality of our critics, it’s a sad state of affairs

This is insulting to astrology, but should also be a source of great shame for Dawkins. When it came to something he prejudged as being beneath him, his ‘science’ became more like a childish parlour game. Dawkins couldn’t have spent more than a few minutes planning his ‘scientific experiment.’ If a student used this in first year college or even high school, he would be lucky to get an F if not put on academic probation. Based on this fluffy piece of silliness, Dawkins warns us all of the so called dangers of astrology.

He lauds the “reason” of Galileo and David Hume, but neglects to mention that Galileo and Isaac Newton were astrologers as well as mathematicians, physicists and astronomers. He even claims, falsely, that Claudius Ptolemy invented astrology in the second cenury A.D. Yes he claims astrologers are arrogant.

Again, I’m not arguing against evolutionary theory and those who are have co opted this term for their own ends. The term Science however fit perfectly with the theory and practise of astrology. Issac Newton would have had no difficulties with this. We have a science of light that manifests in countless forms. Hinduism address this with the concept of millions of gods.  From the point of view of Gnostics, Neo Platonists and Hermeticists we are made of light and vibrating in the frequency of matter. This isn’t a far fetched philosophy dreamed up by less intelligent minds. We are literally made of star dust.  Light becoming material has been called the “fall” – boundless spirit suspended in matter.

Depending on the culture this was seen in a more less positive framework. Einstein would have had no problems with the essence of all this. In fact he used similar imagery of light and vibration. By the time of the European Enlightenment, tangible, rational beliefs eclipsed an earlier world view, where one could apprehend the unintelligible through higher faculties.  There was a realm of the Intellect in the Platonic sense. Something didn’t have to be seen by the senses to be true. The great irony is that the word ‘enlightenment’ meant the denial of our spirit natures.


Divine Proportion

It seems to me that this is at he core of the battle between scientists who will only admit to the tangible and to proponents of Intelligent Design who argue that there must be a guiding hand, that it cannot be all about blind chance.  The Intelligent Design hypothesis states that there wouldn’t even be been enough time to account for such variance and multiplicity of species. More to the point, it looks for meaning. Intelligent Design is teleological:

The word ‘Telos’ is Greek for purpose. The Teleological argument thus argues that the universe is being directed towards a telos, an end purpose, and the a posteriori evidence of an apparent intelligent design in the world implies the existence of an intelligent designer Usually the definition includes God, but the belief need not be theistic. If we say feathers or fins serve a purpose designed by anything other than random mutation or happy accidents, we have parted with what we might call hard core evolutionists. As Richard Dawkins will tell you, any change, including the animation of inanimate elements, is purely by chance  mutation and that most mutations will lead to species failure. This fits the very Deistic title of his book, The Blind Watchmaker

Everything that exists is a totally random event with no purpose or intelligence. This is a belied if you recognize that existence is primarily spiritual and divinely intelligent Aristotle is credited as being the one who divided the various arts and sciences, so that that differing areas of interest where more clearly defined and segregated. The result is something like what we see in modern universities. We find a faculty of medicine and a faculty of physics.

These are further broken down into nuclear or internal medicine, for example, or astrophysics and molecular physics. Aristotle was a great pragmatist and at first glance these ideas seem fair enough and I would be the first to say they have their place. The most glaring disadvantage, however,  is that it becomes difficult or impossible for the various disciplines to learn much from one another. Ideas can crystallize into dogma and yet not be seen as such because their transcendent nature has been lost.

hires This does have pragmatic advantages but can only result in some form of entropy or reductionism. Any idea that smacks of the divine or worse still, God, is rejected in almost all cases outside schools of theology. The reductionist conclusion is almost impossible to escape if you accept that all reality is material, subject to disinterested forces and only knowable through the five senses

I should think that this all went far beyond anything Aristotle could imagine. He ranged from discussing the anatomy of elephants, to ethics, divination in sleep, metaphysics, rhetoric, plants, respiration, meteorology, the Universe, the soul, memory, physics and much more. Holding it all together ultimately was the Prime Mover in a highly coherent metaphysic capable of embracing all things.

It allowed for the practise of medicine and astrology. There was no confusion or contradiction in doing so. It does need to be said however, that Plato and his student had different ideas regarding the Form, but that is for another essay.

This was true until the European Enlightenment, a phases in our history that brought many advances in virtually all areas of material life, but at a very high spiritual price. The Universe had an absentee god or none at all. It was no longer acceptable to discuss divine origins in physics, biology or any other science. In an age of madness, it seems, Reality and God couldn’t coexist734798_10200297070086349_1777760643_n This is why astrology is attacked militantly, ignored or trivialized in newspaper columns.

It speaks to and of a reality that is deeply unsettling to materialists. Modern or Theosophical astrology is a weak target because it doesn’t stand on firm ground. But an astrology that reaches back to the dawn of time is another matter. The Human Being as a Microcosm of the Universe is a very ancient idea and is central to astrological theory. Its s the essence of the dictum “What is Above, Is Below.” Astrologers read light and the interaction of heavenly bodies to determine the nature or outcome of a given reading.

We are heirs to the wisdom of the ages, inheriting a metaphysical system along with considerations from our predecessors Astrology demands great humility of its practitioners.

Global Uprising

TuerkeiProtest1It has been said that there are   no revolutions, only rebellions. Historically this idea has considerable currency. The Czar is killed and his successor is a brutal dictator. The Chinese so called Communist Revolution also ended as one charismatic  leader who convinced his own people to destroy as much of their own culture as possible.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don’t think anyone could honestly claim that the Arab Spring has left the people who fought for it are any better off. Most are far worse.  This is important to remember because when you use the term revolution it has very positive connotations, in denial of the results of such revolutions. The word ‘terrorist’ is one to watch as well. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist

So we are told that the uprising and revolution is now global; but that is to ride roughshod of the meanings of both the words revolution and global. In Brazil, there were in fact riots over the price of bus fares. France had an anti Gay marriage march and there were demonstrations and riots regarding rape laws, or the lack if them, in India.  All of these sought change of one kind or another. However, none of those events were truly revolutionary and certainly not global. They are specific to a location at that time and are not attempting a revolutionary result such as regime change.

I’m all for radical change, I just don’t want to be fooled by media frenzies, including pop astrology, that have become increasingly adept at distracting us from the main issues in favour of their own desired narrative. To quote The Fugs: “everybody loves a fire.”

We need to stay clear and on course. Our survival past the next few decades might just depend on it Many astrologers, even some that should know better, have been referring to the  Cardinal Squares of Pluto and Uranus. I suppose old habits die hard, but even if they were the significator of global uprisings, the orb is very loose and the meanings of the outer planets has been twisted, just enough to make them seem to work.

One Mundane astrologer pointed to Neptune in Pisces as a sure sign that Health Care for the elderly will dissolve, in spite of the fact that healthcare is ruled by Virgo and not Pisces. He hastened to add that the Baby Boomers had it coming, thus destroying even the pretense of objectivity. It also suggests that astrology only applies to countries that had a baby boom. What people usually mean by “baby boomer” is much more than a numerical demographic.utopia1

They mean the generation that allegedly became hippies and then yuppies. After the end of the second world war “births surged across the rich world. Britain, Germany and Japan all enjoyed a baby boom, although it peaked in different years. America’s was most pronounced” (The Economist  Sept 29. 2012). There is a good reason why there were no indigenous versions of these two forms of alleged hedonism in Japan!  The majority of modern astrologers think astrology can only be read in the context of their own  American, societal constructs.

I doubt that any culture in the world is so obsessed with the ever looming  ‘end times’  or of  looking towards the day when the government will put the entire population into specially prepared concentration camps. It’s called the tribulation, the bittersweet prelude to redemption. These ideas are rampant, their proponents gullible and zealous. But the worse part is that this is projected onto the entire world

The astrologer with the dissolving Neptune is by no means alone. Someone mentioned that Uranus in Aries was responsible for the Arab Spring. There are two things wrong with this. The most glaring is the where. What is it about Uranus or Aries that points to any of the Arab countries involved, or indeed to Arabs and Muslims? Secondly, how is it exactly that Uranus in Aries speaks to social reforms or the attempt thereof ?

I can see how someone could associate Uranus in Aries with war perhaps , but not what was then seen as an entirely benign  removal of a dictator. In hindsight, it is very plain that the Arab Spring was a misnomer. The  person who claimed that Uranus was the culprit – protagonist from his point of view – told me he remained convinced, even after I mentioned that Saturn in Libra and it’s planetary ruler, Venus was far more eloquent and gave us the ‘where’ because the association of Islam and Venus is well established and in fact undisputed in Traditional Astrology to the best of my knowledge.

He didn’t even care. Uranus is relevant. Saturn is not, no matter how pinched and squeezed the meaning is taken from the outers. But they cannot explain why uprisings occurred during the Saturn in Libra period in primarily Muslim countries and not in Australia, China  or Poland.


Aries Ingress 2013 gmt

Pluto in Capricorn would seem a fairly good fit for a financial crisis. However, financial crises much bigger than the one we have now have occurred when Pluto was in other signs. This is how shallow and empty all this hype about the Transpersonals really is. Of course the champions of the outers as messengers of truth have either forgotten the meaning of the traditional planets, or never learned about them in the first place. Neither can they indicate *where* something will happen because they do not have the inherited material which assigns astrological qualities or planets to different parts of the world

Traditional astrologers are working within shorter periods of time regarding planetary cycles. The slowest moving planet used is Saturn which passes through the entire zodiac in about 29 Years. An outer planet such as Pluto can remain in the same sign  for the best part of a generation. They also work with  the unfolding of Saturn / Jupiter conjunctions. Although they occur every twenty years, they are part of a complex continuum which includes long periods in a particular element. To understand what’s happening now, you need to understand how it came to be from an astrological point of view. Often, this means we  have to go back several years.


conjunction 2000

The last Superior Conjunction was in the sign of Taurus on 28 May 2000. I’ve used GMT so there is little point in spending time on the houses, when they will differ by location. In fact we don’t need to look at much other than Jupiter and Saturn.  They are conjunct Algol, the fixed star with the worst reputation of all. Algol is associated with extreme violence and determined malice.perseo1

One key to interpreting how this conjunction will play out, is to consider the first total lunar eclipse of the year. It was completely visible throughout the Americas. The event occurs less than two days after perigee, just as the Moon enters Cancer. This gives us a where: the Americas and more specifically the United States because it’s under the sign of Cancer

Collective Saros cycles have their own qualities and reputations. This eclipse belongs to Saros cycle 124 which is associated with a variety of events in history, none of which are particularly troubling. However, the duration of this eclipse means it’s effects will be felt into September 2001.There is no need to rehearse the events of 9/11 except to point to the combined effects of Superior Conjunctions and potent eclipses.


Lunar Eclipse Jan 2000, Courtesy of NASA – For Visibility and phases see

At this time,Saturn in Martial Scorpio is opposing the Venusian Taurus of the epoch. Scorpio, not Aquarius, is the most revolutionary sign. It should then come as no surprise that uprisings all over the world are escalating.  Brazil, France, Syria, Turkey and Korea are all Scorpio countries, each with their own form of uprising. There are other Scorpio countries that are not experiencing the same degree of protest such as Russia, but nobody can deny the tension.. But then in a very real sense, Russia is one of the strongest forces for peace in Syria, no doubt in part due to her Scorpionic affinity. Exceptions to rules need to be explained and usually are by reference to any number of Mundane tools, such as eclipses and Time Lords.

Jupiter / Saturn conjunction 2020

Jupiter / Saturn conjunction 2020

There have always been global uprisings. Anyone who remembers the sixties will  know that the violence common in Europe and rampant in America was also a living Hell in South East Asia. It appears to be endemic, particularly in the USA to think the present time is always the worst. The fact is that history is full of fallen empires, bloody wars, famines and slaughters, just as it is full of all that is best in human beings – the impulse to heal, to liberate, to edify and to nurture. Looking for a Utopia sometime in the undefined future can make our present a dystopia. It’s like Waiting for Godot.”

In seven years, the approximate period of a Saturn square or opposition, the next superior Conjunction will occur in Aquarius on Winter Solstice 2020. The conjunction is with Altair., a Fixed Air Sign under the governance of Saturn and another cycle will begin, which in turn will hearken back to the far larger cycles of  unfolding over time. We can expect accelerated technological advances, many of which will be beyond our imagination and the same criteria of relative success will apply. Aquarius may be the humanitarian, but he is easily corrupted by the simple fact that he is fixed air. This can manifest as something of the benevolent, somewhat chilly tyrant.

The various rebellions or revolutions around the world may well be represented by new faces and different locations, but the rebellion will continue as it nearly always has. Beginning as it does on Winter Solstice, this has tremendous symbolic and real power. It’s the day the Sun begins to wax.

Most of us are unlikely to shed tears over the passing of the twenty year period heralded by the last conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. It’s fixed Earth and the material world. The predictions I made almost a decade ago have come to pass, with massive economic collapse, the banking crisis and extreme social polarity and violence..

I think when we stop waiting for a better tomorrow and work with what we have today, a new kind of humanity, not one guided by fear, can and will start to realize a world without the atrocities that all too often pass for normal.

Litha – Summer Solstice 2013

Here’s wishing everyone a most joyous and auspicious Summer Solstice.  Litha is the longest day of the year and is to be celebrated. An ancient  One ancient Celtic ritual was to shoot a flaming arrow into the rising Sun on Litha, to add fire to fire.

Litha Bonfire in Cornwall

Litha Bonfire in Cornwall


Bonfires are lit all over the world. The Sun is our ultimate giver of life and it’s symbols are among the earliest ever discovered. The chart above is set for Pacific Time: Houses will differ according to Time Zone

Just a Kiss Away

Jagger with Anita Pallenberg

Jagger with Anita Pallenberg

I’m not keen on celebrity astrology for a number of reasons.  However, I recently saw a chart for Mick Jagger that raised a few questions. To the best of my knowledge there are no  Traditional readings of Jagger’s chart either published in book form or on the Internet. I’ll be reading the chart, looking for some very specific things. There are many readings of the chart on the internet using modern astrology, usually with a heavy focus on Pluto in Leo at the expense of the Traditional planets and luminaries.

I have no interest in doing a fully comprehensive reading. I’m most interested in the interplay of Solar and Lunar elements in Jagger’s chart. The natal information is 26 Jul 1943 . 6:30 am . Dartford, UK,

If  quadrant houses are used, the Sun is in the Twelfth House. If you know anything about Mick Jagger, that doesn’t resonate at all. Yes, he also has Leo on the Ascendant and  Mercury and Jupiter in the same sign, but I believe a First House Sun has gone a long way towards his enduring charisma as the greatest and longest performing front man for a rock and roll band. I saw them in concert in 1972 and was mesmerized by Jagger. It was quite unlike any other experience I had at dozens of other concerts

The Sun is greatly diminished in the twelfth house and the Sun would then disposit the first house Leo planets.  I think a first house Sun is far more plausible.Nonamehgaterf

However, there is a strong counterbalance to all this Solar energy in the Eleventh House Moon exalted in Taurus, but Void of Course and conjunct Algol, the Demon Star. She is also besieged by Saturn and Mars. The Lord of the Geniture is Saturn. The Hour and the Day belong to the Moon. The chart Almuten is the Moon.

A Void of Course Moon in the Nativity ought to be considered as much as it is in Horary or Electional Astrology. In the natal chart it signals something of an emotional disconnect.

The last aspect made by the Moon was a Square to the Nodes and in fact by sign squares all the First House Leo planets.

This gives us very different view of Jagger, one that makes sense of the Solar but demonic energy he’s was famous for during the heyday of the Rolling Stones.

It’s widely rumoured that Jagger was involved in and affair with Anita Pallenberg in 1969. She had been Brian Jones girlfriend before starting a life with Keith Richards. Pallenberg is said to have been breathtakingly beautiful, with a bizarre interest  in what appears to be black magic

During  the free Concert at Altamont Raceway in the last days of the 1960s, Jagger was in his Moon / Sun Fidar. In many respects Altamont was a defining moment. The band had hired the Hell’s Angels as security and paid them with alcohol in advance.

Jerry Garcia said it was “a nice day in Hell” Sympathy for the Devil was played, producing a powerful and negative effect on the audience. Violence ensued. Following Woodstock the previous Summer, The Stones had again furthered their reputation of embodying the darker elements of the ’60s and Mick Jagger was the face of the band.

This has just been a short sketch using Traditional Astrology to read Jagger’s chart.  If the Solar / Lunar elements are properly read, you can see the irrelevance of the outer planets

Iran on the Edge

FaravaharIt is exceedingly difficult to know which charts to use for a civilization that stretches back beyond five millennia. It produced the first bill of human rights in history c. 500 B.C., long before the Conquest of Alexander.

The best way to approach this is to read charts in terms of regimes, therefore giving us a smaller window with more verifiable detail regarding current events. There is a chart for the Islamic Republic of Iran, set for 01 April 1979. 1201 am Tehran. However, I’ve chosen to look at the chart for the return of the Ayatollah on 01 February 1979. 09.00 am Tehran.

Obviously, this is highly topical as Iran has been subjected to the most punitive sanctions ever imposed on a nation that has neither invaded or initiated war with another country for 215 years. When the Iraqis used chemical weapons on Iranians, Iran refused to retaliate with such weapons even though they had them. Iran is known for walking the walk when it comes to morality, for good or bad. Yet Iran has been labelled as a “rogue state” while the US kills innocent people with drones almost every day with impunity. George Orwell made the point very well that what you call things shapes your view of them, often disastrously, in Politics and the English Language

The current situation seems massively contrived, with no nuclear weapon facilities found after years of looking for them. Iran has three neighbours with huge nuclear arsenals, yet Ahmadinejad has said these kinds of weapons are repugnant to the Iranians and they have no interest in possessing them. The Iran -Iraqi  war was initiated and forged by a pact made between Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld of the CIA.  Iran has just deployed a large contingency of the Revolutionary Guard to help defend Syria from mercenary terrorists and potential NATO and US aggression. We would expect to find all these things in the chart.


We have a chart for Day of the Sun and Hour of Jupiter and a cursory look suggests this may have been a planned astrological election, but one which has to work within a narrow time frame. Because Islam in under the governance of Venus,  to have her in the Ninth House of (the Solar) God disposited by Jupiter in Leo is auspicious. even if Jupiter is retrograde, However, it’s an Aquarian Mars that’s Lord of the Ascendant. With Ascendant and Moon in Aries, the will to fight cannot be ignored.

We have a well placed Sun, but in his detriment. He is flanked by Mars and Mercury under his combustion.  I read this as an absolute ruler with the Army and Clergy under his control. The MC or the one who rules is in Capricorn, with sympathetic forces supporting from the Eleventh House.  As this Saturnine signature plays out, there is a palpable restriction in the chart. Yet Saturn himself is in an unfortunate House and Retrograde.


Iran allegedly sent 40,000 Revolutionary Guards to aid in the defense of Syria. The allegation has been denied

The Seventh House is disposited by the Ninth House Venus which would appear to be a good thing, however, her worst attacks have been from Sunni Muslims with an Agenda. Iran is majority Shiite.

So we have a Venusian conflict of sorts. That is to say sectarian Muslim aggression. The Prince of Saud openly asked the US to “cut of the head of the snake,” meaning Iran. The war with Iraq was at least partially a case of Sunni vs. Shia.

Most extraordinary is the Part of Fortune in Venusian Taurus conjunct Algol. I can’t help by think back to the words of  King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, but neither do I see Iran as the snake or the Part of Fortune referring to what someone said about Iran.

With the Venusian significator and position in the Second House, this should augur well for revenue. In fact, Iran has huge oil reserves and other resources in abundance. But again, Venus seems to be playing a double role here..

The Iran – Iraq war began on 22 September 1980 and ended on 20 August 1988. The war began shortly after Iran had moved into her Sun / Venus Fidar. It ended a few days prior to the Sun / Mars Fidar. This year she entered her

Of course, the supreme power in a Theocracy is always clerical. But the President serves as an envoy, symbol, and spokesperson for the Republic.

When we consider the Solar Revolution for this year, we find that the supportive Eleventh House Planets and Luminaries are in the Eighth House, a position of considerable weakness at best. The Seventh House has Venus in Capricorn disposited by Saturn in Scorpio, which in turn squares the Eighth House placements. We, therefore, have both malefics involved in the Seventh House matrix. I find nothing in this which would suggest that Iran is ready for or wants a war and everything to suggest she is under extreme pressure. iransr

I will have more to say on this subject, but there are a few elements I would like to introduce first, ideally in separate articles. The role of Venus in the Middle East isn’t generally understood at all. There is also the issue of the Iranian expectation of the Mahdi or Messiah who is said to appear in Damascus.  In light of the chaos in Syria and the involvement of  NATO and Sunni majority nations

Mundane Astrology & Janus Geminus


The Roman god known as Janus Geminus has a number of attributes, but the most salient is that he has two faces, usually one young and one old, looking into the past and the future at the same time. I find this to be a most apt image to describe the essence of Mundane Astrology, referred to as the jewel in the crown of astrology because it is the most difficult form, requiring many years of practice to master. It is also extremely useful in its predictive capacity.

Prediction, however requires hindsight, or rather, a great deal of knowledge about what is being predicted. To begin with a couple of simple examples: let’s say we want to be able to predict when a volcano might erupt. You don’t have to be an expert vulcanologist, but you do need to know some basic facts about volcanos. With that as a given we need to know what the astrological indicators of volcanoes are. The only way to do this properly is to look at past volcanic eruptions.

I’ve personally had occasion to study major volcanic eruptions of the past, and find that there are recurring themes. You can see my article on Mt. Pelee where I provide some specifics if you wish.

Next, I have to take some geographic notes. It’s pointless to predict anything if it cannot happen. We have expansive zones, such as the Ring of Fire and some which seem more localized. For example Iceland is very prone to volcanic eruptions, while Greenland has none at all. This may sound like a simple matter and it is, but there is no virtue in predicting a volcanic eruption if the geography doesn’t allow for it. So we now have the global ‘where’ The next step would be to localize the event, let’s say Jakarta, Indonesia and environs It wouldn’t hurt to have some knowledge of the tides and other elements800map

This where the greatest astrological skills come into play. Knowing the conditions most likely to coincide with volcanic eruptions, paying particular attention to Eclipses and the visibility of the Eclipse. Which zodiacal degree is most potent in relation to the eclipse? The number and nature of the elements we examine will not be identical each time at all. Each moment has it’s own power.

Doing all this isn’t at all easy and for most cases we would require some hint or change in a volcano so that we can look at a very precise situation. Some years ago, a friend in Mexico was disturbed by the increased activity of a nearby volcano. According to the astrology I used,it wasn’t going to explode and it didn’t

davfullcardio Courtesy Stanford University

Leonardo da Vinci – Anatomical Drawing – Courtesy of Stanford University

Let’s look at another example: we would all consider the accurate prediction of plagues and epidemics to be very useful. This is of course more difficult than predicting eruptions. This is a highly specialized application of medical astrology writ large.  There is no need to rehearse what we have already stated about methodology and volcanoes.

Some of you might be interested in my article on the Astrology of the Bubonic Plague for a practical example.. Certainly a knowledge of medical astrology is required and some knowledge of epidemiology wouldn’t be amiss either. Some resources such as a copy of Grey’s Anatomy, the two volume Oxford Companion to Medicine and of course  Hippocrates’ writings on epidemics. Again, we look back at historical epidemics to prepare us for predicting future ones.

Volcanoes, earthquakes and particular epidemics are extremely destructive of human lives. We know that one plague killed one in every two people in Europe and the Spanish Flu killed more people than WWI. The great effort taken to learn the prediction of epidemics is indeed daunting, but within the purview of astrology.

In all cases we need to look at the past to see the future. But there is a lot more to it than that. Whether or not I’m looking at a coup in Kazakhstan or an earthquake in Chile, I also need to know what planets are related to which parts of the world. Ptolemy mentions several in the Tetrabiblos which can be download free of charge in the File section. Unfortunately that isn’t enough though. Obviously he cannot make mention of that which he is unaware of. This includes the Americas, Australia and good deal more. For these we rely on more modern accounts,  but by ‘more modern’ we mean the Renaissance is some cases

Religions also have planetary association as do ethnic groups. A wonderful source of much material is found in the works of Mash’allah  It is very useful to know that Islam is under the governance of Venus or that Wales is Jupiterian.

Finally, we can see that a Mundane Astrologer should be familiar with a wide range of things. These include history, relevant philosophy, geography and medicine. It is possible to specialize of course, but the various disciplines often overlap. A very simple example would be a war in Thailand: it’s very helpful to know something of the political structure, the history and it’s astrological significations.

Many modern Mundane astrologers treat all areas as if they were the same. Much of Mundane astrology sees the United States as the centre of the world. Check any popular astrological magazine and you will see how this is so much par for the course, that editors take it as it is.  While it’s true that it feels like the centre of the world for its inhabitants, it fosters a perception that would implicitly deny, for example, that a Madagascan may feel the same way about her own country.

Crucially, the use of outer planets is counterproductive if only because of their very slow (apparent) movement. On top of that, the traditional attributes of the planets has been unceremoniously given to the outers.

This does two things. It distorts or weakens the use we can make of reading the traditional planets, which are to many modern astrologers nothing more than a secondary concern. The attributions which are supposed to belong to the new planets have all been stolen from the traditional ones. It ignores an ancient and highly effective system of astrology based on light (see my post “into the Outer Darkness’)

It’s very easy to say after the fact that the Arab Spring was caused by Uranus, but we then have to ask why the effect wasn’t global. Modern astrology cannot answer that because, as already noted, no distinctions are made from one culture or continent to another