Tulsi Gabbard – A Warrior for Our Time

I rarely discuss the charts of living celebrities, politicians or anyone in the public eye. I’m with John Frawley in this respect. whom I applaud for making his case for decorum and common decency. I esteem it important to bring attention to an extraordinary woman running for the office of the President of the United States. This short article will be restricted to Ms Gabbard’s qualities as they relate to her unique abilities in the political sphere.

She has attacked some core elements of what America should mean in the world. By urging an end to regime changes around the world, a calling home of troops from Afghanistan and a massive re-allocation of military funding to be used for universal medicare, schools and infrastructure. She is bound to make enemies, but she has the chart of one of the greatest warriors I’ve ever seen.

Not surprisingly. she has been a soldier for 15years and served in Iraq, including in the medical corp where she saw the cost of war up close, She knows the cost of war and can speak with more authority on the subject than any of her fellow Democrats seeking the Presidency in 2020. Moreover, at the age of 27, she served in the Hawaiian House of Representatives from 2002 – 2004 politics since the age of twenty-one, Presently, she serves as the first Samoan American and the first Hindu member of the United States Congress.  The list continues. She has an unusual grasp of Foreign Affairs. In brief, any opponent has to know what they are up against. She has a common touch and charisma, but it’s plain that her own Party is doing what it can to suppress her.

She was born a year after the Great Conjunction of 2000, which could make her the first post-GenX. President. The previous generation only produced one.

We don’t have time for the chart. Often, in a case like this, an astrologer might use a mid-day chart, but I have chosen instead what I believe is the most plausible. Quite simply, other times would render the house placements meaningless. However, I make no claims for the exact – to the minute – chart.

The first thing that anyone is likely to notice in this chart is the concentration in the Ninth House. This house is the place of spirituality, religion, higher mind. including justice and legal matters.  Mars is in his domicile, the Sun in Haze, in his Exaltation and House of Joy  Mercury is also in Hayz. This is also the house of the Part of Spirit, the SAN. Mercury and Venus. The Sun is the Almuten

Magha Nakshatra

and Mars is the final dispositor.

In trine with these placements are the Ascendant and Moon in Leo, in the nakshatra Magha,  associated with Regulus. ‘Magha’ means great, grand, benevolent and it imparts to its natives, high and respectable positions.  It is understood as the symbol of authoritative status, and high social respect. It is well-suited to leadership positions.

The Moon in Leo is not always a blessing at all. In fact, it is peregrine. But the sign is also Feral. The most usual critique of the Moon gear is that the native has an emotional need to be recognized or praised. The situation here, with the powerful Rahu in Leo driving the first house, the leadership qualities are enhanced.

At this time, Gabbard is in her Lunar Firdaria. but will be transitioning to the Saturn Period on 29 December 2019. One looks to the planets and luminaries in the natal chart to determine how a planetary period is likely to unfold. Here, we see Saturn in his Exaltation, but Rx. Nevertheless, Saturn has the greatest overall dignity. Still, I think things will become more challenging in 2020. But I doubt that Ms Gabbard has ever seen a challenge she didn’t like. I wish her all the very best

3 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard – A Warrior for Our Time

  1. Tom Callanan says:

    News is breaking of a deal between the Trump Administration and the Taliban to withdraw US Troops and liberals have always seen the military budget as their personal pot of gold. Nothing new there.

    • Tom, since you haven’t bothered to make any astrological comments, let me remind you that Major Gabbard has more relevant experience as a politician and soldier that anyone else standing against her in the Democratic campaign for the Presidency. She has first-hand experience of war and has every right to speak her mind on the issue. However, this goes far further than withdrawal from Afghanistan. She was elected to the Hawaiian House of Representatives at the age of 21. It’s far too easy to write someone off as a typical liberal, but in this case, she really isn’t and no matter what your political persuasion, she is worthy of respect. At times, I think she may have more admiration from outside her Party. Her stands on the Justice System are long-overdue and her point that a wealthy paedophile can escape a meaningful sentence, which the jails are full of non-violent drug offenders, some in for-profit private prisons. I fail to see why this would be a partisan issue. On one issue after another, she is well informed and her positions considered She is the most substantive candidate I’ve seen in a generation. No matter what happens. Major Gabbard will have made a strong impact on the future of American politics by expanding its range and awakening its conscience to the betterment of a just society.

  2. auroastra says:

    Agreed with Peter. These should not be partisan issues and, yes, she seems to have more admiration from outside her party and well deserved. I’m an active Democrat but have to echo the words of Thomas Corbett: “In 30 years I’ve moved from being a moderate democrat to a flaming socialist ultra-liberal with changing one position”. The Democrats and the country needs a massive makeover or the country needs to transition to a completely new system. Else it will become increasingly irrelevant and devolve into a third world country. Sorry there is no astrological commentary here since I believe Peter has said it most effectively.

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