Urania - Albrecht Durer

Urania – Albrecht Durer

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This blog is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Ancient & Classical astrological observations, philosophies and techniques. it’s a blog written as an interactive journal of primarily Electional, Mundane and Predictive astrology as well as the Judgment of Nativities.

There are thoughts on methodology, the past, present and future of the art, its relationship to classical and ancient astronomy and any other thoughts and observations that seem relevant and worth sharing. I look forward to engaging those with similar interests

This blog will also publish several source texts that are useful to students of astrology. I frequently publish articles designed to promote Tradition Astrology and generally discuss the many facets of the Art. Current research interests the alchemy of Hellenistic, Persian and Indian Astrology in the crucible of Neo-Platonic and Hermetic Philosophy.

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5 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. gjiada says:

    Argo Navis comes not from a book :) but it is taken from the ceiling of Alessandro Farnese’s palace in Caprarola, if you are interested you can see my article with more pictures here:

    Anyway beautiful site, I will add your blog to mine.


  2. Hello Margherita, Thanks for the correction and the link to your site! I’ve added Heaven’s Astrolabe to my blog roll and look forward to reading it thoroughly !

    • Margarita was responding to the previous header “taken from a 15th Century Book of Constellations and features a detail of Argo, the Celestial Ship.” I feel a particular affinity to Canopus, the Celestial Navigator, no doubt because the star is conjunct my natal Part of Fortune.

  3. Isabelle says:

    Hi Peter, could you recommend a good place to learn horary? I’ve picked up things from here and there by reading different books but nothing comprehensive enough to make the subject completely understandable. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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