Instruction and Mentorship Programmes


Instruction and Mentorship Programmes

A guided, instructional course covers the essential elements of Traditional Astrology from Ptolemy to the 17th  Century. This isn’t a classroom situation and students get significant access to their mentor or instructor We start with the nature and meaning of the twelve signs and houses as well as the seven traditional planets and luminaries. This provides a solid foundation for further studies.

Upon completion of the first six-weeks of the course,  the student should be conversant with the main themes of astrology and be ready to put what they have learned into practice.  Individual charts will be studied, with the guidance of the mentor or instructor. The art of mastering delineation takes a very long time, but we will practice enough material so that the student will have confidence and be ready for more in-depth study.

Reading material and resources required for either course are provided free of charge.

This is a rough guide only and every attempt will be made to accommodate the needs of the student. Directed readings and research can also be arranged at a time and for a fee, agreeable to both parties

Tuition – Six Weeks Personal Instruction


Instruction and Mentorship Programmes are available via email, phone or Skype at times that are mutually convenient to the student and mentor. In most cases, there is a combination of media.

Advanced Studies & Diploma Programmes.

Advanced Studies are conducted as Mentorship Programme. This is for those who have a firm grounding in astrological principles and practice and want to hone their skills. This option is highly flexible because of the various needs and interests of students. However, there is a minimum six-week commitment for both parties

If this interests you, please contact me @ to arrange for a course of study that best meets your needs.

Advanced Studies & Mentorship Programmes – Six Weeks


There are no diploma courses offered at this time

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