admin-ajaxiAstrologer Peter James Clark was born in London, England and now resides on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He began his metaphysical and spiritual studies at the age of 14 and has more than 40 years experience in the Arts. He is internationally respected as a Master Astrologer working in the Ancient and Classical Tradition. He’s the current President of the International Society of Classical Astrologers (ISCA) and Associate Member of the Society of Astrologers.

Prof. Clark is a scholar of the English 17th Century, with a specific interest in the confluence of magic, science and religion during that period. He speaks English, French, Spanish and is familiar with Greek and Latin. He is currently studying Classical Arabic.

He has provided scholarly editions of Pico della Mirandola, Claudius Ptolemy and others while authoring scores of astrological articles, most recently featured in Mountain Astrologer  

His interests are not merely academic. They are integral to his life as an Astrologer and Shaman in the Druidic tradition of his Anglo-Welsh heritage. Peter is a Black Cord Elder of Thirteenth House Mystery School He’s also a dedicated musician and amateur astronomer.

He uses Fixed Stars extensively in much of his work. For this, he employs the original Babylonian, Chaldean and Egyptian systems of star reading as well as in horoscopic astrology

Peter specializes in five types of astrological divination: Natal, Horary, Electional, Mundane & Medical. They vary in price from $65.00 for a horary question to $185.00 for a natal reading.

You can arrange a personal appointment with him locally. If you are not in the Victoria region, readings by phone or on Skype are good options. Email readings are also available

Be sure to explain your specific needs and to include your birth date, time and place of birth. You will receive a prompt and personal reply, usually within 24 hours.

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7 thoughts on “Readings

  1. Akshay Verma says:

    Hi, Can you help/suggest me some texts on Hindu/Vdeic Astronomical Calculations.

  2. Akshay Verma says:

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Will start with the above link. I am looking towards the mathematical calculations involved in the system, as an enthusiast.

  3. fabius777 says:

    ancient religions are democratic religion they are not mater of one God they deeper and they are conected with universe-democracy started in Greace -parthenon-they are fountin today to understand the secrets of universe and space but not as escape but as teachings learning today-so Nus and chaos tell us more about space-they are deeper asthan cristianty with its One God-so they are tresure today for sapce universe -faith today not in stories but science with beliving in life frim space .-

  4. fabius777 says:

    they are tresure to understand universe with scientific proofs not with stories-and a new faith in life from space sometimes-infact they are deep tresure to undestand universe

  5. delilahdidit says:

    Great blog Peter! Your neighbor 501. I’ll be back:)

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