Nature of Signs & Planets in Classical Astrology

By Peter J. Clark

AristotleSpheres plus planets

The Order of the Planets , Spheres and Elements


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Some Astrologers have Associated the Seven Planets with the Seven Chakras in Chaldean or Traditional Astrology, the zodiacal wheel was divided into 36 phases or three decanates for each sign. It is noteworthy that Classical astrologers were almost unanimous in their acceptance of the Chaldean Order of the Planets.
Medieval practitioners also used the Lunar Mansions from the same source. See figure 2. The idea of decanates is infinitely simple and lies at the very roots of Western astrology. If given no other information at all, save the decanates of the natives’ Sun and we have the underlying co-planet. We might notice that second decanate Pisces is more jovial than the first, which promotes a more withdrawn and serious nature indicative of Saturn. The last decanate is the most intensely driven, with Mars underlying Jupiter

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